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Exalt Regulator Grip - Cyan/Black

672,00 руб

Exalt Regulator Grip.


  • Better grip resulting in better accuracy
  • Designed to provide grip even when wet, muddy or oily from paint
  • Unidirectional design provides orientation recognition when switching hands
  • Premium material will not stain and does not damage, mark or leave any residue on the regulator
  • Multiple colors available to best match your marker
  • Fits Most Inline Regulators Including:
  • Planet Eclipse Ego
  • Planet Eclipse Geo
  • Planet Eclipse ETEK
  • Bob Long Victory
  • Bob Long G6R
  • WDP Angel
  • DP Fusion FX
  • DP G3,G4
  • Macdev Droid
  • Macdev Clone
  • Macdev Cyborg RX
  • Vanguard Demon
  • Custom Products Inline Regulator
  • +More

Exalt Regulator Grip - Cyan/Black


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